LASH-CURL-LIFT Lashmaker separates the lashes with a brush.

Lash Lift – Achieve dream lashes with our lift. Designed to make lashes appear longer, eyes appear wider for up to 6 weeks. Beauty Hub, Lash Lift creates a J shaped curl.
Lash Lift and Tint – Lift your lashes into a J shaped curl. By adding a tint onto your lash lift, eyes look more defined.
Lash Curl – Lashes appear fuller and longer for up to 6 weeks with an eyelash curl by Beauty Hub. The curl creates a C shape so no need for eyelash curlers.
Lash Curl and Tint – Compliment your lash curl with a lash tint for more defined lashes. Ideal for those with fair haired lashes.

Lash lift

  • Lash lift


  • Lash tint


  • Lash lift & lash tint


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