FACIAL-THREADING Eyebrow threading - epilation procedure for brow shape correction

What is eyebrow threading?

Beauty Hub Australia were the first to make threading accessible to the Queensland Biggest platforms – we put brows on the map. Why did it take off? Threading is the most accurate and precise way to remove the tiny brow hairs to create a brow shape that is wow and balances your face shape. The right lift under the brow arch lifts the eyes and is an immediate anti-ageing boost – some would say a mini face lift and all in 15 minutes.

Why is threading so amazing? A long piece of thread is simple twisted to glide along the bottom of your brow and catch the excess brow hairs as it does so. It takes every hair out by the root, it is precise as you can guide the thread to exactly where it needs to go, you can draw the perfect line with the thread as you remove hair and it leaves a smooth finish.

No appointment is required for eyebrow threading. The process should take no longer than 15 minutes. While eyebrow threading may be the most popular, we also offer face threading for all other areas of the face such as upper lip, forehead, chin, sideburns as well as full-face threading which will leave your skin looking smooth and clear. Our team of highly skilled beauticians will tend to your brows, help you find your natural arch and create the best eyebrow shape for your face every time. Our very affordable prices allow you to create and maintain your brow shape, empowering you to show the world your confidence.

Face threading

  • The accuracy of eyebrow threading gives definition, sharp & precise eyebrows to compliment your natural arch.
  • Brow threading avoids the use of any harsh chemicals, while the process involves doubling and twisting a soft cotton thread, then rolling the thread over the unwanted hairs. The friction of the twisted thread pulls the hair out at the root. This is quicker than plucking and less painful than waxing.
  • Brow threading is safe and gentle for all skin types, especially for acne and different textures of skin. Additionally, many believe that your hair will grow back thinner after multiple threading sessions.


We provide threading services in following parts of the face area:

  • Eyebrow Clean up


  • Eyebrow Shaping


  • Men’s Shaping


  • Upper Lip


  • Chin


  • Side Burns


  • Forehead


  • Middle of Brows


  • Lower Chin


  • Neck


  • Full face


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