What is eyebrow lamination?

Brow lamination is a long-term styling of eyebrows – treatment that allows you to beautifully and permanently lay brow hair in the desired shape. The treatment allows you cope with unruly, growing to different directions brow hair, that impossible to fix in place with brow make -up like brow gel or brow wax etc. Laminated brows are fluffy and not stuck to skin.
If you never had brow lamination done in our salon, we advise you to book a patch test appointment first patch test must be done minimum 24 h prior treatment. Brow lamination is suitable for clients with stiff, curly, unruly, downward growing eyebrows.

Brow lamination

  • Brow lamination/lift


  • Brow tinting


  • Brow lamination& brow tint


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